Cadac CM-J50

We had the privilege of getting our hands on the CM-J50 for the past 3 days.  This is an amazing desk in build and layout.  With 96 inputs, I thought I’d want more faders, but with the way the UI is laid out – it’s the perfect size.  Classic Cadac sound, true LCR mixing, 56 configurable busses as matrix, groups, or auxiliary, and a 23.5″ LCD touch screen make this quite a desk.

The CM-J50 delivers a unique mix experience and provides a genuine emotional connection to the audio.  It delivers greater connectivity, control, and flexibility all within a distinctive form factor that is faster, smaller and lighter than previous generations. 

Cadac’s exceptional gesture-based navigation, via an impressively large 23.5-inch optically bonded touchscreen, allows the user to fluidly scroll through the console’s 96 input channels and 56 busses. A simple swipe, touch and turn gives you complete creative control of the audio, with the faders and encoders seamlessly mapping to the screen’s active functions, resulting in a truly intuitive mix experience.

Large(est?) LCD

At 23.5″  this is one of, if not the largest touch screen available on a digital desk.

Silky faders

You know you want it.  We want you to have it.  Salt Creek Integrated : (719) 428-5510